Concentrated Surface Bonding Agent for Concrete, Stucco and Plaster

Product Description

EVERWELD II is a concentrated poly-vinyl acetate (PVA) bonding agent that is non-oxidizing and ultra-violet stable. EVERWELD II is a one part, film forming, rewettable adhesive. It becomes an integral part of the interface between a cementitious material and the surface to be bonded. EVERWELD II creates multiple bonds between materials.

EVERWELD II penetrates the crystalline structure of both the new and existing materials to be bonded, forming a positive permanent adhesive bond between the two materials. EVERWELD II is applied as a liquid and dries to a flexible film. Bond strength is achieved after the concrete is cured.

Basic Use: EVERWELD II permits the adhesion of cementitious materials such as concrete toppings, stucco, terrazzo and ceramic tile setting beds to structurally sound surfaces.

EVERWELD II can be effective wherever concrete repairs are made. It will bond concrete to brick, concrete block, clay tile, marble, metal and even glass block. In addition, EVERWELD II can be used to bond stucco and portland cement plaster to interior surfaces or bond new concrete to old when used as an admixture. EVERWELD II minimizes cracks in concrete, stucco and plaster.

Features and Benefits

  • Strong bond.
  • Re-wettable.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Concentrated for economy.

April 29, 2011